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Thank you for joining us on November 21st 2018 for our live Q&A

Terrific questions were submitted and you can still view the question and answers.

Questions ranged on topics like toddler allergy to toothpaste through to what is actually considered overweight?

Our expert panel took your questions about allergies and spotting if a child has one. Tips and advice about managing and keeping symptoms under control, new thinking on the topic and much more.

The Panel shared their thoughts and ideas about current trends and fads and how we should interpret them.

Many thanks to:

Jill Wheatcroft
Childcare Expert & Lecturer in Child Health

Dr Emma Haycraft
Co-Creator of the Child Feeding Guide & Specialist in Child Feeding

Gaby Morris
Co-Founder of Riverside Cares

Let’s get started!

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The Panel

Jill Wheatcroft

Gaby Morris

Dr Emma Haycraft