QuestionsCategory: Child DevelopmentAre there any clues to look for that my 6 monty old baby is hungry – rather than wanting a nappy change
BB asked 9 months ago

Sometimes its hard to work out what my baby wants – is there any way of telling from behaviour that they are hungry? 

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 9 months ago

Thank you for this excellent question. 
Communicating with young children can be challenging. At 6 months it may be a process of trying different things until you reach the right conclusion, for example checking their nappy, playing with them or if they are showing signs of being tired encouraging a nap. If hungry, babies are more likely to put their hands in the mouth and suck on them, they may lip smack, wriggle, wave hands and feet around.  Every baby is different so look for what indicators you can see you see when you are about to feed them. It’s a little early but you could start using some simple baby signing. Milk can be indicated by holding up your hand in front of the face and then opening it and closing it. Just have a look on the internet there are lots of good videos about baby signing. 
Kind regards 
Jill Wheatcroft