QuestionsCategory: BreastfeedingI am trying to wean my 14 month old off breastmilk as I need to go on steroids. I need advice – this is an archived question that there was a lot of interest in!
Riverside Cares Staff asked 6 years ago

What’s the best way to do it? He sometimes feeds for comfort and still wakes up at night for milk / comfort feeding, although I have now reduced the number of breastfeeds.

Does he need milk? He is not keen on other milks. I have read that as long as he can get calcium elsewhere he doesn’t really need milk, ie through yoghurts, spinach etc.

Thank you in advance

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 6 years ago

Thank you for your question
Lets start by saying that you  have done a great job breastfeeding until this age, well done. At 14 months your baby should be fine without breast milk. If getting your little one to drinking cow’s milk directly is difficult then as long as they get enough calories as part of a varied diet (which means including calcium rich foods) they will be fine.  Lots of yogurts, fromage frais etc will help ensure they get enough calcium. You can get milk into the general diet by adding it to various foods for example in rice pudding, soup etc.
During the night offer water and a cuddle rather than breast milk. I am not sure if you are using a bottle at all but if so then offer that at night instead of the breast. It may take a few disruptive nights but your baby will adapt.
Best wishes
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