QuestionsMy baby is so easily distracted during feeding. Any tips? (received by email to Riverside Cares)
Riverside Cares Staff asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Riverside Cares Staff answered 4 years ago

Jill: Some babies are very curious and can easily be distracted when you are trying to feed them which usually means they will want to feed again quite quickly. If this is causing a problem it may be worth trying to find a space at home which is comfortable and fairly quiet, I recognise this can be very difficult if you have more than one child as safety is always paramount. Talking to the baby may help as this will help them focus on you. One useful tip is to use a large shawl wrapped around you and the baby to cover the baby while they are feeding which limits their view of the outside world.   Emma adds: Some babies seek more stimulation than others.  In addition to trying Jill’s great suggestions, you could also try placing a toy or an object in view of the baby for them to focus on or sitting to feed under a mobile.  Young infants love to look at contrast, so showing them black and white images/objects can help, while older babies often enjoy bright colours.  Similarly, doing things to help soothe the baby and to bring their focus into the feed can also help, so you could try singing lullabies or songs (or playing them on your phone if you can’t sing like Adele!).