QuestionsCategory: Feeding ChildrenHow much meat is too much meat for a child
Carnivore asked 3 years ago

Worried that I am offering too much for a 5 year old 

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 3 years ago

How much meat is too much meat for a child
Hello, thanks for your question.  As a general guide, a portion of each food group should be roughly the same size as the child’s palm.  So, each portion of meat, for example, should roughly fit into their palm.  Offering meat one or two times a day is fine as part of a balanced diet, but it can be good to have some meat-free days as a way to increase the variety of children’s diets.
A good alternative is an oily fish, such as salmon, is a particularly good source of Omega3 essential fatty acids, suitable to be served up to twice per week. 
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