QuestionsIs it okay to use plant based milk such as Almond or coconut and if so from what age
JJ2021 asked 3 years ago

I never drink cows milk – I would prefer to use almond, cashew, oat or coconut. When can I give that to a child

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 3 years ago

So this will partly depend on what else they are eating. Children under 1 should be on breast or formula milk. It is recommended to give children under 2 years full-fat milk to help ensure they get enough calories. Nutritionally there are a lot of differences between cow’s milk and almond or coconut milk. For example, a single cup of cow’s milk contains about 8 grams of fat whilst in comparison unsweetened almond milk has about 2.5 grams of fat.  
However, if a child is eating a varied diet with enough protein and fats from other sources then this is no reason why you cannot give them unsweetened almond or oat milk unless they have a nut allergy. You may want to ensure they have other milk products such as yogurts and cheese as this will help ensure they get enough protein and calories.  
There is a great blog on this from nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed, which you might find helpful  As she notes, the NHS say that you can give your child unsweetened calcium-fortified milk alternatives, such as soya, almond and oat drinks, from the age of one as part of a healthy balanced diet.  However, general consensus from professional bodies is that milk alternatives should not be offered as a main drink until at least 2 years of age, unless specified and discussed with a health care professional (such as a dietitian), directly.
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