QuestionsCategory: Feeding ChildrenMy son doesn't have a big enough appetite
JK asked 3 years ago

My son doesn’t have a big enough appetite – how can I make sure that what he eats is nutritious enough if the portions are so small

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi JK,
Thanks for your question.  Children have small tummies and so many of them need to eat little and often.  Aim for him to have three meals (small is ok) and two-four snacks per day to top him up.  It might help to think of snacks as an extension to the mealtime and another way to get a variety of foods into his diet.  There are loads of great snack food ideas ( and trying to go for nutritious, balanced snacks rather than snack foods high in sugar or fats can help to ensure that your child’s diet is varied and support him to eat well across the day. 
We do hope this helps,
Emma and Jill