QuestionsCategory: Feeding ChildrenWhat’s your best Child Feeding Hack, Jill?
Riverside Cares Staff asked 3 years ago

Eating together with children is vital. If they see you eating something they are much more likely to want to try it themselves. Taking off the pressure is important, if you have spent a lot of time preparing food it can be disheartening if a child then only eats a small amount or refuses it outright, however pressuring them to eat it will only put them off.
Always better to offer a small amount first you can always give more if it goes down well. Exercise and fresh air can help make children more hungry and less fussy about what they eat. Girls and boys should be taught how to prepare food and cook, they are more likely to eat something they have helped with or cooked for you. Take a balanced approach to feeding children a little of everything. If you make something taboo they are more likely to want it.
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