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Sleepy Suzie asked 4 years ago

I’m struggling to work out the timings to feed my baby who is 5 months old. Should I still be feeding on demand? 

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Suzie,
At five months babies are beginning to get ready for weaning and also often have a bit of a growth spurt so it is very common for them to become more hungry. The current advice is to start weaning at 6 months so if possible increase the breast feeding,  this may mean feeding more often until your body adapts and produces more milk. Make sure you are eating enough and drinking lots of water. 
If your baby is still very hungry then you may need to start some solids. If starting weaning earlier then 6 months then it’s usually best to just give something simple like baby rice and not add in on other foods until they reach 6 months. Just add in once a day and see if that helps. If your baby is waking up more at night then once they are use to the baby rice try adding this into your evening feeding routine.
Jill Wheatcroft 
Riverside Cares