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Brooke asked 5 years ago

My maternity leave ends In may. I recently found out that I’m pregnant again. I asked my employer if I could come back early and they said no. And even if I waited till may, I won’t get the 600 hours. What should I do ? Is there.other programs that will help? Etc welfare

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Riverside Cares Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Brooke
Thanks for taking part in the Web q&a , before we respond just wanted to check is this a question from Europe or the United States (wouldn’t normally ask but you spelt the word in US english) and the answer could be very different. To kick off there are two great resources if you are UK based to get the best advice. ACAS give great up to date sound advice and are very good at pointing you in the right direction when your question has a very technical element to it and you can speak in confidence. We also recommend you check out If you are based in the US the best point of advice will depend on where you are located i.e. in the US mainland or elsewhere