QuestionsCategory: Feeding Childrenmy 2 yr old is a good eater.He loves all type of food. Is there any restrictions because of his young age for any food?
Anita asked 6 years ago

Hello, my son is 2 years old and he’s a really good eater. He loves all type of food we have. Is there any restrictions because of his young age for any food? Like sushi, cheese or anything else that we need to avoid with him?

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Emma Haycraft Staff answered 6 years ago

Thanks for posting a question!

By two years of age, your little one should be able to eat everything.  Just be careful with round foods that they might choke on (olives, nuts etc – these can be chopped up and eaten).  Two years of age is a prime time for helping him to develop a range of food likes and preferences, so it’s good to offer a wide selection of foods. This age is also a time when fussy eating commonly sets in, so it’s great that your son is a good eater.

It’s recommended that children drink whole or semi-skimmed milk until 5 years of age, as skimmed or 1% fat milk doesn’t contain enough fat so isn’t recommended for children under five. I hope this helps and that your little one continues to enjoy his food!

Dr Emma Haycraft

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