QuestionsCategory: Feeding ChildrenWhen my child doesn't eat main course should I withhold desert, its usually a piece of fruits so I don't want to miss out giving that (question sent in to Riverside via email)
Riverside Cares Staff asked 1 year ago
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Riverside Cares Staff answered 1 year ago

Emma: Thank you for this question.  In general, dessert shouldn’t be used as a reward for eating other food.  Doing so can make the dessert food seem more desirable and the other food(s) seem less desirable.  Particularly when it’s a food like fruit or yoghurt, it’s fine to keep giving your child this anyway.
For more information, you can check out the Child Feeding Guide:
Jill:  If you are eating together with your child (which is always a good idea) they would naturally have to wait while you finish before moving on to dessert. This may encourage your child to have some more of their main course as they will see that you are still eating. If they say they have had enough then that’s okay,  just keep the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging and very normal so they see meal time also as a time when you are both socialising and that everyone together moves from one course to the next waiting for everyone to finish.
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