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Joanna Lord asked 1 year ago

How to get baby to drink more water. Any tips? We’ve tried milk bottles, doidy cup and sippy cup. Paediatrician suggested adding freshly squeezed orange juice yesterday but I forgot to ask at what ratio. Thank you so much for any suggestions.

1 Answers
Riverside Cares Staff answered 1 year ago

Emma: Thanks for this question. 
While most children will happily drink water, others are just not keen.  If your child is still having milk, this isn’t too much of a concern, but it can help to offer very diluted alternatives, such as fresh fruit juice or smoothies, to make the water more palatable.  This should be mostly water (9:1 ratio) but just enough to give the water a different taste.  Babies are born liking sweet things like breast milk, so this can help to make water more acceptable to them.  If this works, try to reduce the amount of juice over time.
Jill added: If you are breastfeeding, your baby is getting quite a lot of fluid via the breast milk (do remember to keep yourself well hydrated). Bear in mind a well-hydrated baby will usually have about 6- 8 wet nappies in 24 hours.
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